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Jenny Brown

Health Wisdom Institute Co-Founder

Health Wisdom Mentor

"When we realise the impact of decisions made about our health (especially from our early years) that have disregarded the beautiful, intricate and wise messages offered by body, mind and spirit, it can be heart-breaking on many levels.

To offer this resource makes my heart sing. I think of every person I have nursed that has felt vulnerable and afraid when their health felt out of control. Here, we are providing a forum to explore choices and gain awareness to make truly informed decisions from an empowered position.

I am excited to share the huge array of viewpoints, practical awareness and knowledge that keep hope alive and solutions near at hand.

I have personally experienced and explored the terrain of health conundrums in great depth, and continue to do so each day. Read more about my journey here. I know how it feels to be searching for understanding and solutions, especially to the health challenges with far-reaching ramifications.

I continue to learn with you, in this dynamic world we live in, to inspire those who wish to deepen their self-knowledge, feel more alive each day and offer the brightest, healthiest future for our next generation."​

Jenny Brown - Independent Nursing Professional

"I am so passionate about understanding our amazingly dynamic bodies and the capacity they have to heal when utilising natural health and bioenergetic principles. I feel excited to share with you what I continue to learn and discover through the Health Wisdom Institute.


Some of the things I love to learn about include: Tonic Herbalism, Bioenergetics, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Living Foods, Human Potential, Taoism, Super Foods, Detoxification, Plant Medicine, Healing, Liquid Crystalline Water, Cellular Biology, Biophotonics, Bioelectricity, Energy Medicine, Painting, Guitar, History, Ancient and Indigenous Cultures. 

I am appreciating more and more the interconnectedness of all things. The relationships and influencing factors between our body, thoughts, emotions, ancestral patterns and community, our inner and outer ecology,  the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm and so on. By gaining an awareness of these connections I feel we can more gracefully navigate our path forward and embrace a more wholesome, nourishing and purpose-filled life. "

Quinn Bluewood, Dip NHF, 

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Health Wisdom

Institute Co-Founder and Health Wisdom Mentor

Quinn Bluewood

We will be welcoming other gifted and experienced Health Wisdom Mentors to join Health Wisdom Institute so that we can benefit from their specialised knowledge and perspectives to enhance the scope of health supporting resources available here.

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