Dehydration – does water contain messages for us?

As our bodies are composed of over 70% water, the changing quality and quantity of this fundamental element within us can have profound effects on our ability to interact with our environment. This concept was photographically demonstrated by Emoto (2005) who illustrated that water structure can be influenced by thoughts, feelings, words and sound frequency. In Chinese and other ancient cultures, the resonance capacity of water is recognised and integrated in traditional healing approaches. Specifically, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the water element relates to the kidney, an important regulator of fluid balance and integral in endocrine stress response through adrenal function. Batmanhe

What's up with vegetable oils – and why can they diminish your light?

Processed vegetables oils such as sunflower oil, soy bean oil and rapeseed oil are commonly used all around us and have long been portrayed as being beneficial to health. Unfortunately, the situation isn't quite as simple as that. While some versions of cold-pressed seeds oil may have some merit, their cheap counterparts leave much to be desired. One of the main reasons why these oils are not optimal for health is the way they have to be processed in order to extract the oils from the seeds. In order to produce these processed oils in large enough quantities to be economically viable, high pressures and chemical solvents are used to extract the oils from the seeds. Afterwards, in order to ma

Why do you want to create health in your life?

Everyone may have a different way of answering this question from our own unique life perspective. It doesn't matter whether we’re striving to restore our health, maintain our level of health or enhance our health to the next level to really express our full potential on earth, there are many motivational factors that can be relevant to all of us. We can consider some of these factors with two further distinctions: Being healthy so we can do the things we'd like to do Being healthy so we can feel the way we'd ideally like to feel OK, so firstly, if we wish to do things, one of the most influential factors that affect our ability and enjoyment whilst doing activities is our energy levels. Ho

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