Food, Herbs and Supplements 

Sourcing supplements and finding nourishing foods

Wholesome, nutritious food is a vitally important component for supporting our health. However, our food supply has been compromised due to mass agricultural practices, excessive domestication and modern food processing techniques. The decreasing nutrient density of our food supply combined with the increasing metabolic demands on our bodies can lead to many deficiencies.


This is where superfoods, supplements and some herbs can boost up our reserves of certain nutrients and enhance our body's ability to adapt, heal and detoxify. However, the supplement industry is vast and there are many poor quality products available. This is why we created the Nutrient and Supplement Guide - to offer suggestions of some key nutrients in a form and quality we recommend.

If you're unsure which supplements could benefit you, download our FREE guide that covers the basics and recommends suppliers we trust, who use a minimal amount of fillers or excipients


Remember to be discerning in your choices; read ingredients and check whether a product is appropriate for your situation. We have selected a collection of useful and comprehensive resources for you below. ​


Comprehensive selection of many supplements, superfoods and supportive products. DISCOUNT available when you join us at the Health Wisdom Institute by signing up for your FREE Health Wisdom Essentials Special Report written by health mentors Jenny Brown & Quinn Bluewood.

We like Synergy Naturals, Pukka Herbs, Good Health Naturally, Dr. Mercola, Carley's, Healthforce, Bach Flower Remedies, Viridian, Cellfood, Dr. Bronner's, Enterosgel, Nutramedix, The Synergy Company, Viridian, Nuzest, Premier Research Labs, Optibac, Kiki Health, Tiana, Helios, Clearsprings, Herbs Hands Healing, Cherry Active, Enzymedica, G&G Food Supplies, Sunwarrior and Thorne Research, among many other useful brands.


Plethora of supplements from many suppliers including US companies hard to find in the UK.

DISCOUNT available when you join us at the Health Wisdom Institute by signing up for your FREE Health Wisdom Essentials Special Report written by health mentors Jenny Brown & Quinn Bluewood.


Suppliers include Apex Energetics, Argentyn23, Custom Probiotics, Great Lakes, Seeking Health, Klaire Labs, Restore4Life, Garden of Life, Livon, Life Extension, Kirkman, NOW, Neuroscience, Innate Response, Metabolic Maintenance & Pure Encapsulations, among many more.


As the name suggests: staples, herbs, nuts, seeds, oils, tinctures and spices. All GM free and many organic options.


Cutting-edge quality and difficult to find items such as pure sulphur, fulvic acid minerals, fermented products and probiotics, bamboo tabashir, megahydrate, superfoods, organic products and equipment among many other great items. 


Comprehensive selection of all things wholesome.


Fast and economical shipping from the USA to the UK (customs charges apply on receipt of goods).

Huge selection of supplements, herbs etc. Take care to be discerning in your choices, but great for finding a brand that you know and trust.

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More suggestions for finding health foods

  • Farmers' Markets and local growers

  • Grow your own or join co-operative and community groups

  • Visit Big Barn to discover food producers and suppliers near you

  • Local or national box schemes for home delivery such as Riverford Organic

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