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Welcome to the Health Wisdom Institute


Would you like to explore your health from a practical, whole person perspective?

Would you value the knowledge and awareness so you are more able to look after yourself and those you love?

"You have the health wisdom and great healing potential within you"

Our everyday experience of life is the result of a unique combination of influences that make up of lives.

Explore with us how all these elements are connected:

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"We want to inspire the remembering of the health wisdom we each hold inside to guide our individual steps towards better health. We also support the interpretation of signs and messages that body, mind and spirit offer us. We embrace taking a broad, whole-person approach and perspective, integrating timeless health wisdom with the appropriate use of biomedical science and the latest in cutting-edge research."

Jenny Brown, Health Wisdom Mentor

Join us to explore many health assumptions and commonly held ideas that are often accepted as normal in our society. By integrating our knowledge and understanding the bigger picture, we can make more conscious, informed health decisions.

What is Health Wisdom?

  • Knowing when, where and how to apply our knowledge with the insights of our experience

  • Awareness of the diverse influences that affect our health

  • Considering and applying information in true context

  • Appreciating life's natural cycles and rhythms 

  • Taking responsibility for ourselves and our choices

  • Making an informed decision

  • Connecting the dots to form a more complete picture

  • Taking a second glance and avoiding knee-jerk decisions 

  • Contemplating  deeper and broader truths

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is intended for educational, informational and awareness purposes only, and is copyright protected to Soul Integrity Ltd partnering with the Health Wisdom Institute. Through our services and educational material, we have no intention of offering any diagnosis, treatment or cure for any condition or disease, but rather to support the natural self-healing and re-balancing ability of body, mind and spirit through awareness and knowledge. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.