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Is there such a thing as the perfect diet? And if not, how can we make better food choices and prepare the food we eat to optimise its nutrition?


We've put together a basic guide, designed to provide a broad overview of of nourishing foods that are suitable for most people. We have also shared methods of preparing some of these foods to enhance their digestibility and tips of what to look out for to source the highest quality produce.

This eBook is free to download and share - please use it and pass it along to anyone you think will find it useful.

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Health Wisdom Nourishing Food guide

Inside the Nourishing Food Guide...

18 pages of helpful words and beautiful pictures sharing:

  • General principles of healthy eating - how to choose wholesome, natural foods for your body

  • Foods to enjoy - examples nourishing foods in every category, from fruit and vegetables to oils 

  • Foods to minimise or avoid - those that deplete us, disrupt our bodies or cause damage

  • Tips and advice - on preparing and cooking these foods, plus further information on some of the nutrient properties