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Jenny commits to a select handful of individuals to a dedicated level at any one time. By collaborating with Jenny, together you will enjoy proper support, sharing of individualised knowledge tailored to your situation, and continual encouragement. This opportunity can be life-changing READ HERE

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Health Wisdom Mentoring with Quinn

I help empower people to live life with more energy, vitality and health wisdom each day.

I have a special interest in helping people revitalise their cellular health, optimising epigenetic expression by implementing naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle strategies.


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Quinn is offering personalised health mentoring packages for people looking for comprehensive support and insights into their current situation. He can help you to understand and interpret the signs and messages your body is offering you. From there he can help you craft a strategy to regain balance and restore your innate vitality.  His special interests include improving energy levels, hormonal balance, liver health, mood and focus.  Collaborations with Quinn can be done over Skype or in person. He is currently working from Glastonbury and the Frome area in Somerset, UK. Home visits may also be possible. Email Quinn today for a free 15 minute connection call to discuss your collaboration.  Email -

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For tests where phlebotomy (blood draw) is available so you can more easily gain access to private blood sampling. In addition, some blood tests require centrifuge preparation, which is also available.

The fee for phlebotomy service only (45-60mins) is £75

The fee for phlebotomy and centrifuge service (75-90mins) is £95.

This fee includes service provided in Glastonbury or within 30mins drive of Shepton Mallet

(if you live further a field, we are still happy to help and travel costs will apply)

Most people find it helpful to have an experienced practitioner prepare the sample and forms accurately for testing. As part of this service we will provide all equipment, including disposal of sharps, assist with all aspects of sample preparation, liaising with the laboratory as required and visiting the post office if that would help you.

This service is professionally delivered, utilising best clinical practice guidelines, with full insurance and adequate time given to care for each person uniquely.

Please email to discuss your situation and requirements so bespoke assistance can be arranged.

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