This innovative castor oil belt makes castor oil packing for naturopathic health support so much easier. The castor oil belt can hold a castor oil packing fabric which can be used repeatedly and stored within a polypocket in between uses. There's no need for any cling film to hold the packing to your body anymore as the velcro straps are elastic so wrap around your waist and fix very effectively. The material used to make the outside of the belt is impermeable to the castor oil allowing other clothes to be worn. For directions of use please see our photos.

Caster Oil Pack Belt

  • Refunds are only available for faulty or unused castor oil belts. The refund policy is valid within 14 days of purchase for unused products or 30 days for faulty products. We would also be happy to arrange a replacement as required. Please email us if you are considering asking for a refund