This Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profile evaluates a thorough battery of traditional and advanced biomarkers to aid in early detection and modification of risk factors. A total of 17 primary and secondary risk factors are evaluated to provide actionable information at a tremendous value.


This test is useful in the following circumstances - cardiovascular disease, lipid/lipoprotein concerns, heart attack risk, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, cardioprotective, assessing nutrient status, inflammation


Analytes tested:

Apolipoprotein, A1, serum

Apolipoprotein, B, serum

C-Reactive Protein; serum

Cholesterol; serum

CoQ10, plasma

Cystatin C, serum

Ferritin, serum

Fibrinogen; antigen, plasma

HBA1c Hemoglobin; WB

HDL; serum

Homocysteine, serum

Iron, serum

LDL, serum

Lipoprotein (a), serum

Magnesium, RBC

Oxidized LDL, serum

Small LDL, serum

Tocopherol alpha (E), plasma

Tocopherol gamma (E), plasma

Triglycerides; serum


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This test requires a venous blood sample taken by an appropriately qualified healthcare professional. THIS SAMPLE REQUIRES CENTRIFUGING PRIOR TO RETURNING TO THE LABORATORY


The sample must be returned to the laboratory by next day delivery Mon-Thurs only


If you live in Southern England and would like to arrange this service at your home, please email jenny@soulintegrity.co.uk or visit Phlebotomy & Centrifuge Service.

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profile

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