Erythrocyte fatty acid analysis is used to assess levels of and balance among the essential and non-essential fatty acids required for optimal health and wellness. Essential fatty acids regulate cell membrane integrity, blood pressure and coagulation, lipid levels, immune response, tumor growth and inhibition, and the inflammatory response to injury and infection.


Parameters measured:

Arachidonic acid; RBC

Dihomo-g-linolenic acid; RBC

Docosahexaenoic acid; RBC

Eicosapentaenoic acid; RBC

Elaidic acid; RBC

Linoleic acid; RBC

Oleic acid; RBC

Palmitelaidic acid; RBC

Palmitic acid; RBC

Palmitoleic acid; RBC

Stearic acid; RBC


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This test requires a venous whole blood sample taken by an appropriately qualified professional.


The sample must be returned to the laboratory by next day delivery Mon-Thurs only


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Fatty Acid Analysis - Erythrocytes (Blood)

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