Dehydration – does water contain messages for us?

As our bodies are composed of over 70% water, the changing quality and quantity of this fundamental element within us can have profound effects on our ability to interact with our environment. This concept was photographically demonstrated by Emoto (2005) who illustrated that water structure can be influenced by thoughts, feelings, words and sound frequency.

In Chinese and other ancient cultures, the resonance capacity of water is recognised and integrated in traditional healing approaches. Specifically, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the water element relates to the kidney, an important regulator of fluid balance and integral in endocrine stress response through adrenal function.

Batmanhelidj (2007) depicted this correlation in his seminal work, highlighting that the brain and nervous system requires the highest percentage of water to function at ease without triggering stress responses throughout the body. Wren (2009) connected the concept of the stress experienced within our cells caused by dehydration responses, as a reflection and consequence of our outer world as individuals, our immediate environment and collective behaviour patterns, experiences and evolution.

On a conscious and subconscious level, negatively perceived environmental influences and reactions to situations around us in our world can result in contracted physical and emotional reactions (Lipton 2009). An example of this could be an attacking response in an argument as a reflex without considering the greater implications and circumstances of the disagreement, perhaps due to an already overwhelming level of perceived internal stress.

On a biological level, this perception could be attributed to our body operating protectively in the state of dehydration. Wren (2009) corroborated this theory by explaining that in a dehydrated state, cholesterol performs a water preserving function around the cellular membrane. However, this method of protection reduces cell membrane permeability resulting in acidity and stagnation which could contribute to a cascade into lower energy and the manifestation of disease states, compounded by more dehydrating stress and fear.

Gustafsson (2008) explained that all hormone communication is electrical and that minerals are the conductive agents that flow with water to enable the proper function of cellular activity including enzymatic actions. The development of insulin resistance from long term blood sugar imbalance is a fundamental example of the implications of maintaining a stressful internal environment which can result in an ongoing circular ‘fight or flight’ response.

Modern day influences and lifestyle contribute to this through stressful dietary choices, exposure to electromagnetic fields potentially disrupting the charge of our cells as well as the disconnection with the natural rhythms of day and night, moon and seasonal cycles, which may inhibit the completion of mineral cellular exchange and releasing of toxicity. (Wren 2009)

By providing the body with adequate hydration and mineralised nutrition, the correct cell membrane potential is then held to facilitate light frequency communication within our cells delivering the messages from our environment. This communication is lost in dehydration states consequently leading to less connected states of awareness, creation and reaction on all levels. (Lipton 2009) With this in mind, dehydration could be viewed as a pivotal component to a multitude of dis-ease states.

If we exist in a dehydrated state then our actions and reactions will be at this vibration, thus fulfilling the law of attraction, realising the gnosis principle ‘as without, so within’. By ensuring adequate hydration as the cornerstone of supporting our body to return to balance, we can allow our natural cellular functions to proceed unhindered enabling healing on a physical level, reflected as a consequence in our emotional and spiritual experience, helping us to explore our own unique path.

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Jenny Brown, Soul Integrity Ltd 2015

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