Why on earth would you want to fast?

As I write this post I am on the fourth day of fasting from solid food while Quinn and I do a kidney cleanse. Quinn chose to do 2 days liquid and then move onto a kichari cleanse (light meal of a legume, veg and rice) as his metabolism is very different to my own. Why would we do this you may ask?

We have both integrated natural health strategies into the care of our health for several years, and fasting is one of those that I have particularly found useful for navigating different levels of healing.

Fasting has been integrated into healing and most spiritual traditions for millennia, even back and beyond Biblical times. We also notice that animals naturally stop eating and rest when they are unwell.

There are many different types of fasting, whether water only, vegetable juices, fruit only or other herbal drinks for example. At the core, to fast gives us the opportunity to shift perspective, to gain space to review our current life and to rest, both body and mind. When we embrace moving out of our comfort zone to a level that is appropriate to our situation in this way we can explore and unveil different levels of understanding of ourselves.

The act of going without food can highlight our relationship with food, cravings and intolerances, as well as freeing up time that would be spent preparing and eating a meal. It also allows us to feel the sensation of hunger again, building Agni or digestive fire in Ayurvedic terminology. In our experience, the day appears to lengthen and emotions are easier to sense and listen to as a guide forward in life.

When considering embarking on a fast, it is vital to be realistic with yourself. To create enough time and space, and be mindful of underlying conditions and medications is important to remain in a safe place. Drinking plenty of water is important, as is making sure bowels are moving and keeping warm.

Quinn and I have been mostly water fasting with some juice, lemon juice in water, liver and kidney cleansing herbs and naturopathic techniques, like enemas, castor oil packs and sauna to support our bodies to shift out anything that is ready to leave. This allows for improvement in the environment, the terrain of the body and cleansing of the gut and organs.

Our main motivation for committing to this fasting period is to enable clarity of mind and inspiration to flow for the projects that we are developing and sharing with you. There is so much scope for up-levelling any area of life that feels it needs a shift by intelligently using these strategies.

We will break our fast with vegetable soup, and continue to eat nourishing foods in the days ahead.

If this exciting potential for shifting your life is appealing or at least intriguing, but you really would appreciate guidance and moral support, then I would like to invite you to join in with a guided group fast together with me in the Spring. I will individually support you throughout the preparation and fasting period to ensure the type of fasting you choose is appropriate and tailored to you specifically. Let us know if you’re interested in participating.

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