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"Jenny helps her clients to feel safe and supported"

Health Mentoring Client

"Aside from her tremendous knowledge and wisdom, I think one of Jenny's greatest qualities as a health care practitioner is her ability to listen in a compassionate, non-judgemental way, which helps her clients to feel safe and supported, and is what I believe ultimately allows the healing process to unfold. What a gift!

:) :) :) Thank you Jenny for all the wonderful ways you have helped and supported me over the past months! It is amazing what you do!"

"Jenny gave me hope that I could heal"

Health Mentoring Client

“I was suffering from severe bloating and discomfort, feeling very, very ill. I just didn't know what to eat anymore. My medications did not seem to be helping. The inflammation in my body was horrendous.

I watched Jenny's video explaining what she did. I felt an immediate connection and loved all that she said. I felt hope for the first time in many years. Jenny gave me hope that I could heal. Her knowledge is astounding, as is her compassion and ability to hold all aspects of me.


I know that meeting Jenny... undoubtedly saved me from losing my health completely, and for that I will be forever grateful to her.”

"Working with Jenny has been the best thing I have ever done for my health"

Health Mentoring Client

"Working with Jenny on her mentoring program has been by far the best thing I have ever done for my health.


Having struggled with a chronic condition for years and never really coming close to resolving it, my expectations were not high. But what I gained from my time with Jenny was far more valuable than simply fixing my problem.

Jenny really got to know me as an individual, and worked meticulously to understand the subtleties of my situation. She then empowered me to take charge of my own physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Thanks to the knowledge and tools that Jenny shared with me, I can now confidently say that I feel equipped to give myself the care that I need, regardless of what life throws at me."

"I knew I had to take action but conventional options were not really helping me"

Health Mentoring Client

"I asked Jenny for support as I was fed up feeling ill every day. My thyroid, adrenal glands and immune system were low and I’d had my gallbladder removed. My gut was not working properly and my memory was affected.


I knew I had to take action but conventional options were not really helping me, but making me feel I just had to get on with it.

Jenny offered honest, respectful communication. She was positive, kept me motivated and helped me.


The knowledge I have is increasing daily. I have started my healing journey and I feel empowered to keep going. I have new ways of looking at things. My diet has changed and I have lost weight."

"It’s her caring and passionate determination to support her clients to feel better that I found the most inspiring."

Health Mentoring Client

Jenny cares deeply about her client and has carried out a huge amount of research in order to help people as much as she possibly can.  


We started by having a skype consultation during which Jenny listened intently to my symptoms and issues. She had an incredible understanding of how the human body works, from the brain to the toes(!) and soon after the consultation was able to put together a very comprehensive plan for me….


During the course of the health mentoring with Jenny, I felt much better and gained strength and energy. This, of course, affected my whole mood for the better.  Jenny was always on hand if I had any difficulties or questions and it’s her caring and passionate determination to support her clients to feel better that I found the most inspiring.

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